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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Lots of PICTURES at bottom of listing :) Price is listed, but offers will be considered - please send us a note only if you are serious.

You are looking at a established turnkey business that has currently been operating in Kitsap County. All information below is provided as if you were picking up our clientelle. Should you wish to start 'new', your success may duplicate ours if you choose to select events and work as we have. The business is 3 years old, and includes everything you need to drive up to your first event, set-up and start "making money with mini's". The full details of the business and what is included follows.....
(Please be sure to read and understand all details provided. Should you have any questions, we are more than pleased to answer them for you.

- 1200G Lil Orbits Mini Donut Machine - only approx. 300,000 donuts on it. The 1200G is capable of making 1200 donuts per hour/100 -1 doz bags per hour. The machine 20amp 115v and plugs right into the donut cart. The machine has a little over 100,000 on it. The other electrical requirements are for everything else; mixer, hot water heater etc. The hot water heater draws a lot of power so we have a coleman instant hot water componet used for hand washing. It runs off of a small propane can.
-Hopper Motor
-Servo Motor
-Catch Tray with rack
-All serving utensils
-Oil Catch bin
-Oil Syphon
-Kitchen Aid Mixer
-Weigh Scale for measuring mix
-Cinnamon/Sugar Containers
-Donut Mix container
-Water Container
-Folding table
-10 x 10 fire resistant canopy
-Cash register
-Donut banners
-Fire supretion system
-Drink dispenser for lemonade
-Cups/lids/straws/napkins/donut bags
-Over 5 (50lb) bags of donut mix
-Approx. 50 ft. cording for hooking up to 110 power.
-One Large Cooler for ice

This was not offered to us when we purchased the equipment considering we did not purchase it as a operating business . Even so, we found the machine is easy to learn quickly and we were able to increase our speed to maximum output with only a few hours logged on.
Having said that, we will pass on whatever experience that we can ~ which will only enhance your success that much more.
Upon pick-up (As ALL Delivery/Pickup arrangements are the sole responsibility of the purchaser) we would be pleased to spend time with you , to demonstrate how to set-up, take down, run the machine, mix the batter etc. in a "dry run" type setting to assist you with your operations.
The machines themselves are truly "work horses"and keep on running, with simple and regular maintenance that anyone can do. We will go over all these details with you. In addition to the original demonstration, we will offer you:
-Technical Advise and support, on an as needed basis for 1 month following your purchase.

All events that we have done, we typically take on, on an as desired basis (our desire, not theirs). These events do not offer ongoing contracts, but we have worked them consistently . Simply put, the bookings are a matter of making contact to the co-ordinators (whose names and contacts info we will provide), and comitting to attending as a Vendor.
We could literally work every weekend and double up on many, if we wanted to. We get asked to do many events we refuse.
The events are no secret. You will be provided with all infromation as to where we have worked and provided with as many contact numbers as we have.
A very significant advantage is that you can pick up where we left off. Most event organizers get approached by quite a number of other similar vendors (Treats, crafts, etc.). Our experience is that Mini Donut Vendors are few and far between in our area, and ours is a very welcomed call when we choose to add events to our scheduling.
We are currently the only mini-donut business in Kitsap County.

We have always run the business based on how much money we wanted to make. Other than Kitsap County, the convenience of deciding when and where has always been quite a luxury to have.
When we are operating the machine at "full tilt", we can produce up to 1200 donuts per hour, or 100 bags. We sell the donuts for $4.00 for 1 bag. At $4.00 per bag, this equates to anywhere from $400.00 per hour down to $300.00 per hour depending on your line-ups (you WILL have them:) ), and how fast you are running the machine. Either way, that's Amazing ? This of course does not inclued lemonade or water sales. Its funny how people (including us!! - pre "donut days) always underestimate how much money there is to be made in donuts! Believe it or not, the variable in how much money you make per hour is YOU! Its true. When you run the machine at full capacity YOU can increase your profits immensely (another great reason for good training). If you need to slow it down at first, expect that. Its a very easy machine to run, but it does take a few hours logged on the machine to get the 'hang' of the speed thing.

My husband and I have a two year old, and yes he did all the events with us. This has been a great family business and a great job for a stay at home mom. The reason we have decided to sell is we would like to expand our family and I would like to spend more time with my children as they are only young once. My husband has also been traveling a lot for work and I have been stuck doing events by myself which is possible but not with a two year old. I love owning our own business and being our own boss. We actually used the money that we made for our sons college fund. I am sad to see it go but my family is top priority.

Honestly, I hate this part... it always sounds so "hard nosed"... but it must be stated for clarity, and to protect both parties. That said:
All sales are final, and no refunds will be offered.
The pick-up/delivery is solely the responsibility of the purchaser and not the seller. All costs associated with transporting, insurance, registration etc. are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Please contact Tony or Tonia (360) 697-6734

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Here Come The Donuts!

Here is a video of our machine making donuts as our customer's wait for there hot fresh mini-donuts.

Here are some pictures of our set up.